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Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy
123Postit or We mean the owner/administrator of the website
An utilizer is any user that interacts or has interacted with the web site
A member is a user who has create an access in the website
In this document we describe the handling of personal data that 123Postit collect, the purpose, the data retention, etc.
The data
The data we collect may vary depending on the services you use, ranging from the publication of ads to the purchasing of specific services provided by 123Postit, therefore the data can be :
    - data concerning the registration
    - data concerning payments of purchases of services
    - data concerning your operations in the website
    - data surveyed from the system
    - other data that may be added with the addition of new services
Authorization for the use of data and purpose
Communicating the data you certify that they are true and you authorize us to process them in order to allow management of all activities relating to and connected to the site 123Postit for example (not exhaustive list) :
    - administrative and commercial management of the website
    - fulfillment of obligations of the laws
    - creation of statistics
    - explore the tastes for improving the website
    - delivery of services and customization of contents in the website
    - perform various communications
    - solve technical problems and resolve disputes
    - promote our services and informa on the evolution of the website
    - provide guidance on the safety and use of the site
Your data will be stored and managed by 123Postit that will not give them to third parties for commercial use unless your explicit consent. However, in cases provided by law, in cases of disputes, complaints, violations of our rules and / or at least in cases where, by law, it is necessary to interact with third parties, 123Postit reserves the right to disclose your information.
If you request services that involve the intervention of third parties, for example, to make payments or provide specific services, automatically you authorize us to use and share your information to the parties involved in the specific transaction.
All data will be used by from 123Postit, in the person of its owner, under and in accordance with Decree. 196/2003.
Sharing data with partner websites
123Postit is partners with a network of websites that have a similar nature between them.
Each site that is part of such network is called partner website. Partner websites share between their your data enrollment and the contents that you post through each of them, the purpose is to allow you to :
    - access your account from any partner website
    - use each partner site through a single account
    - publish content from a partner website to see them displayed on other partner websites
By subscribing and using 123Postit, in general, one of the partner sites, you agree to the sharing mode of data and content between partner website. The partner websites are always listed in a visible place at each site, so that you will always know which are the sites that are part of this network.
The data of the other users
As it is for your data, also the data of the other users are treated in accordance with our Privacy Policy and according to all Rules of the site, therefore, you engage to use the data of the other users only for the purpose stated in the Terms of Use and Rules of the website
Each user must be fully aware that if publish own contacts can be contacted directly by other persons. However, the advertisers can always be contacted through the internal messaging system at the e-mail address used to create the login, however, the mail will not be disclosed.
Do not use the user data for illicit purposes, or to send to them advertisements, or to communicate they to others for advertising and/or commercial purposes, or to spam, or for other reasons not allowed. All irregularities and violations will be prosecuted.
Actions checks
Your information, ads, navigation and any other traces of your data that interacts with the website can be checked at any time using our tools with the aim of verifying violation of laws or rules of the website, to verify the presence of prohibited content, etc.
These data will be kept for the time required for this activity. We will work with our tools, as we will be able, to enforce the laws that govern the protection of privacy.
Our commitment is to strive for the safety of your data, using various techniques for this purpose, for example, passwords, software tools, physical filters, etc.. (not exhaustive list). Within the limits of the law, 123Postit is not responsible for any loss or data breaches, especially if the events are caused by force majeure.
Edit your data
You can view and edit your data in your personal area, this area is available to the users that have created an account on the website 123Postit.
However you can always contact us to request information through our electronic form on the website.
Update Document
In case of modification of this document, will be required 15 days after its publication in order to be valid the new.
The change notice will be showed on the website.
123Postit reserves the right to change at any time the document about the Privacy Policy
Document updated on 19/02/2014
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