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Terms and Conditions of Use
Publishing Rules
Privacy Policy
Publishing Rules
123Postit or We mean the owner/administrator of the website
An utilizer is any user that interacts or has interacted with the web site
A member is a user who has create an access in the website
In this document we describe the rules and specifications of publication of the ads, and the directions on the publication of other types of content, to which the user must follow.
• Each ad will remain posted for 70 days after which it will be considered expired. Because the 123Postit system reside in Europe, the official expiry date refers to the date and time GMT+1, then due to time zone differences of the users of other nations, there is the possibility that some advertisers will see their announcement expired few hours before 70 days exactly, and other advertisers will see their announcement expired few hours after 70 days exactly. For technical reasons 123Postit may change the due date of the ads without the user being warned.
• Each ad must be relevant to the topic selected in the field Category, and in the case selected, to the Subcategory and Section fields.
Each user can manage a limited number of ads concurrently (maximum 15).
• The Utilizer can buy some services linked to the ads and other regarding content in the web site, and not only, examples of products purchased are: personalization of the ads, purchase the right to manage more than 15 ads at the same time .. etc.. (not exhaustive list).
Methods of purchase and payment are shown during the selection process of the services for which you want to use.
• In the pages where are published or managed ads or other content, 123Postit reserves the right to enable or disable features and options at own choice and/or necessity, without any notice.
• The Utilizer can publish only content related to possession or services which he is the rightful owner or that has the right to do.
The violation of property rights, copyright, trademark or other rights, will be severely prosecuted by competent authorities.
• In the ad everyone must use the same common-sense rules that apply in everyday life, therefore, we report a series of points (though not exhaustive) that we can recommend to follow and other things that are absolutely prohibited :
    - always have a respectful attitude towards all other
    - assert the same rules and precautions that are used daily in the social life
    - is forbidden to use foul language, racist, hate and violence
    - is forbidden to publish or distribute pornography or child pornography
    - is forbidden to publish content for illegal purposes
    - is forbidden to spread content that you are not the rightful owner or that is reserved
• Each ad must adhere strictly :
    - the laws
    - all other users and common sense
    - the rules of this document, the «Terms and Conditions of Use» and the «Privacy Policy» of the website
• Since 123Postit is a website, then that is used by the internet, and being an international ad website, potentially used by people anywhere in the world, every Utilizer and every user must follow the international rules and law, rules and laws of owncountry and rules and laws in force in Italy, place where is located the website.
• It is forbidden to publish multiple consecutive announcements regarding the same subject/object.           If you want to post multiple ads of the same subject/object, you must wait for a           adequate time to act to give space to the publication of ads by other users
• Ads may not contain a series of of goods or services, be they material or immaterial, since it is impossible to make a complete list of what may not be published, We show a list (not exhaustive) that makes the idea broadly of what kind of content the ads can not have :
    - Human organs and organic material
    - Weapons, objects of offensive nature and fireworks
    - Materiale radiattivo, droghe, sostanze stupefacenti e attrezzature inerenti, farmaci Radioactive material, drugs and related equipment, medicinal products
    - Stolen goods, counterfeit, pirated material
    - Military items or of the law enforcement
    - Gas and gaseous substances
    - Identity documents, information and personal data
    - Material covered by state secrecy and diplomatic
    - Pyramid, Multi Level Marketing, Network Marketing, pyramid scheme
    - Gambling and betting
    - Adults-only material, child pornography, or relating to prostitution
    - Audio, video, software that are covered by copyright of others without have the permission to haggle
• All Utilizer and users can cooperate with 123Postit and to promptly communicate any unlawful, violations of the law and/or violations of the terms of this document made by other Utilizer or user, taking care to verify the veracity of what are communicating.
Each user assumes full responsibility for what publish.
• 123Postit is partners with a network of websites that have a similar nature between them. Each site that is part of such network is called partner website. The partner sites can share their content published on each of them.
By subscribing and using 123Postit, in general, one of the partner sites, you agree to the sharing mode of data and content between partner website. The partner websites are always listed in a visible place at each site.
• If you access in the other partner sites using the data access created in 123Postit, is required, before using the partner site, to inspect all documents and terms that govern the use of the site partners, the publication of contents and the document about privacy, accordingly, se si utilizza un sito partner si sottintende che si sono accettate tutte le regole li riportate.
This is necessary because in the other partner sites, there may be sections and/or services different from those in 123Postit.
• You claim that you have read this document, of the «Terms and Conditions of Use», and of the «Policy Privacy» and to agree to them.
• The breach of also only one of the points of this document, will lead the removal your ads without notice, even if combined with the ads have been purchased paid services offered by Us. In this case no amount will be returned, even in part.
Document updated on 19/02/2014
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