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Terms and Conditions of Use
123Postit or We mean the owner/administrator of the website
An utilizer is any user that interacts or has interacted with the web site
A member is a user who has create an access in the website
This document is the contract that regulate the relation between the user and 123Postit.
• You claim that you have read this document, the document Terms and Conditions of Use, and the document Policy Privacy and to agree to them.
You are committed to comply strictly with all parts of this document and all others.
• All the elements of the web site are of property of 123Postit and no one is authorized to reproduce, to copy, to trade any contents of the website or connected to it, of any kind (intellectual, graphic, text or any other thing), without our express permission.
• 123Postit is a website where you can post ads for free and other contents defined in the website.
• To publish ads the user must create a login, the registration is free.
A fundamental condition, to create a login, is that the user gives a valid and active electronic mail address.
123Postit reserves the exclusive right to accept or reject a inscription of a user, based on own motivations and needs.
• Each user can manage up to a maximum of 15 ads at the same time. Anyway we can change the amount of ads publishable at our discretion without notice.
• On request of users, it is possible to use services or features for a fee.
The products purchased can be of various types, their characteristics, methods and implementation can be modified at our sole discretion at any time. Examples of products purchased are: personalization of the ads, purchase the right to manage more than 15 ads at the same time .. etc.. (not exhaustive list)
• Only 123Postit is authorized to put advertising objects and/or advertising space in the website pages.
Those interested in inserting advertising on the site may contact the administration through the electronic form in the website.
• 123Postit only provides hosting services and hosting features, therefore We are not responsible for the content that each user enters in the website and We are not responsible for any misuse and/or illicit implemented by users.
• If a user violates any laws and/or international laws and/or terms of this document, this will be prosecuted by the judicial authorities of reference. If a user commits an illicit, he will take full responsibility. 123Postit will always act on the ads and, in the case, at our discretion, We may suspend or remove the ads, or suspend and/or remove the registration of users, or declare a user as unwelcome in the website then prevent access and/or the enrollment.
123Postit reserves the right to remove any content that infringes the copyright of third parties that have explicitly not authorized the publication of such content.
In any of these cases, if a user had purchased a service offered by us, no amount will be returned, even in part.
• In the case that a user will cause damage to property, reputation, economic, in general, any other type of direct or indirect damage to 123Postit, this user will have to compensate 123Postit.
• 123Postit will make every effort to ensure that the site is safe, but as no website also 123Postit can never guarantee it. In any case, the proper and judicious conduct of each user can help to have a safer environment.
Below is a list (though not exhaustive) of measures that go in this direction :
    - when you create your access choose a complex password
    - do not post links that lead to unreliable or malicious websites
    - do not store in the system unreliable content that may contain viruses, malicious code or, in general, malicious content
    - not to take actions that may undermine the proper functioning of the site
    - do not send texts to other users and/or potentially harmful codes
    - not spamming, manual or automated
• You agree to use the same common-sense rules that apply in everyday life. We show a list of points (not exhaustive) to be applied, and things strictly prohibited, rules of ordinary common sense, but we want to emphasize :
    - always have a respectful attitude towards all users
    - rely in the website the same rules and precautions that are used daily in the social life
    - not to engage in acts of discrimination, racism, hatred and violence, nor encourage them
    - not to publish and/or distribute documents and/or nature of child pornography content
    - do not use the site for illegal and acts purposes
    - not to disclose to third parties, to company, or to other, any user information, especially personal information
All Utilizer and users can cooperate with 123Postit and to promptly communicate any unlawful, violations of the law and/or violations of the terms of this document made by other Utilizer or user, taking care to verify the veracity of what are communicating.
123Postit disclaims any responsibility related to malfunctions that our software can bring to the devices and/or software which users receive and use our application. 123Postit will not be responsible for any malfunction or jamming of the website, breach or loss of data and of any other similar occurrence, although for a long time, caused by natural disasters or malicious actions that affect the structure where resides our system, or about the equipment that connect it to the web, by breach of third party companies that provide services to 123Postit, by individuals or entities that enact against 123Postit criminal or illegal action, by any other third party not identified at this time that causes damage to the system of 123Postit.
Because of these and other similar occurrences in the cases above, and/or in cases of events covered in other of law, no redraft may be required by users against 123Postit.
• In the case of updates of the website, there may be a temporary blackouts or temporary interruption of the features of the website. No recourse may be taken by advertisers to 123Postit in the occurrence of such contingencies.
• The website is been made using technology that allows the display of its content in the main browsers currently in use. However, the diversity and abundance of browsers in use We can not guarantee the correct display of pages and/or the proper functioning of services.
• 123Postit may send by mails to the users news that update them about the website. The news can be connected to the updating of the terms, technical news, news or advices about safety, information and news about promotions, etc.
Others possible reasons will be for similar goals and/or of similar type.
• 123Postit is partners with a network of websites that have a similar nature between them. Each site that is part of such network is called partner website. The partner sites can share their content published on each of them. The partner sites are always listed in a visible place at each site.
• If you access in the other partner sites using the data access created in 123Postit, is required, before using the partner site, to inspect all documents and terms that govern the use of the site partners, the publication of contents and the document about privacy, accordingly, se si utilizza un sito partner si sottintende che si sono accettate tutte le regole li riportate.
This is necessary because in the other partner sites, there may be sections and/or services different from those in 123Postit.
• For complaints, suggestions, requests and other things, the user can use the electronic form in the website with which can interact with 123Postit. Any request or communication shall be made ​​only in Italian or English.
• This document is written in different languages​​, in the case there are contradictions between the translations, the reference version that takes precedence over all is that one written in Italian.
• For any point not specifically covered here, We will refer to the Civil Code and Laws of the Italian State, and/or any other law or regulation applied to this type of website. Any complaints or disputes that can occur between the user and 123Postit will be solved at the Rome Forum in the city of Rome (Lazio region) in Italy.
Document updated on 19/02/2014
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